Riverside one week on

It’s just a week since Stan made his 2014 wish for Riverside on Shape Your Place and a few days since I posted about Redesigning Riverside – fast! yet there’s been lots of interest and some action already:

  • Richard Johnson, City Councillor for Abbey (that covers Riverside), is going to pass on the ideas to councillor colleagues and officers and report back on the feasibility.
  • Ian Manning, County Councillor for East Chesterton, has added this to the list of schemes for the North Area Committee to consider.
  • Ian Manning will put a motion in front of Cambridgeshire County Council in February to get street schemes tried in a quick and cheap manner.  Sometimes, despite lengthy consultation over paper plans, we spend a great deal of money on something that has an obvious fault once it hits the ground; then we have to wait years to spend money to rectify it.  Cllr Manning thinks cheap trials could save money.  He has been in contact with the New York Mayor’s office!
  • Peter Roberts, City Councillor for Abbey, expected to talk to a representative from Riverside residents today.

When I created the original post I had no real idea what to do next or what interest there would be; I created the sketches as a talking point. So far the post has been seen by about a hundred people.  I’m really pleased that the concept of trying things out quickly and cheaply – paint and planters – has been picked up.

What can you do?  Please contact your County or City councillor and let them know your views.  Don’t assume that they already know about these ideas as they are busy people and many don’t use social media.

There are 357 days left in 2014…

Finally, a five minute video on the transformations in New York City:

NYC Streets Metamorphosis from Streetfilms, click to go to Vimeo to watch.

NYC Streets Metamorphosis from Streetfilms, click to go to Vimeo to watch.


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